Shop Manager at Sneva MFG. 

Anna Twohig 

Team Rider

Winter Sneva

Youth development Team Rider

Sneva MFG. was founded and at that point in time we built the original twin tip snow ski.

Production at MT.Hood building mostly snowboards to fund our small runs of skis. 

We Expanded with more equipment and a new shop in Speedway IN. ( skiing in the winter and racing in the summer) Started bigger runs of skis, new shapes and tooling with help from some Indy Car engineers. 


Moved the Company back to the North West (Spokane WA.) were we are currently located.  


We now are all systems go! With 10 Press bays, 8 base grinders with 2 stone grinders, Our new TNC and New Epson F6070 Everything is on point to make the best skis out there!


Lauren Sneva

CO Owner, Team Rider

Kyle Twohig

Marketing, Northwest Rep, Team Rider

Bryce Rich

Logistics specialist, Team Rider, Boyd Hill Snow Skates 

TJ Sneva

CEO and founder of Sneva MFG. 

Our Team

 We currently are an OEM manufacturer for a hand full of other companies. Interested in starting your own brand or need a quality manufacturer for you existing brand?

  • 20+ years experience

  • Tooling and Mold costs at a fraction of the other companies costs

  • Runs of 10-500

  • Knowledge of materials and production

  • 100% Made in Spokane WA. USA

Please contact our office if you have questions about the OEM process. 

oem manufacturing

Our History

Sneva MFG 

We build around 1000 pairs of Skis and Snow skates a year. As a small company we are constantly innovating new ideas, shapes, and production methods.

Sneva MFG believes in only using products made in North America. Our skis are 100% made in house which keeps are production costs down.

Sneva MFG also believes in a non gimmick promotion of our skis and that hard work and solid construction is what makes our skis perform better! 

We are small but not a new company as 2018 marked our 24th year of building skis!

Who We Are