The E5 Series! What can you say? They are Sneva mfg's pride and joy. By far our most popular skis, these super stable boards crush everything on the mountain. Powder, crud, hard snow, they can handle it all! It is 5 dimensional cambered with early rise tip/tail. And rare for a bigger ski, it has a considerable sidecut allowing you to carve turns in pow, crud, or groomers. Truly a 1 ski quiver. 

188 E5w Series 


SIDE PROFILE--------------------ERC CAMBER Click ERC to the right for info

CAMBER HEIGHT----------------4mm LENGTH---------75% 

ROCKER HEIGHT----------------4mm LENGTH---------25%


BINDING MOUNT-----------------7cm back from center (recommended)

​BINDING SYSTEM----------------Any

CONSTRUCTION-----------------Sandwich Click construction to the right for info


GRAPHIC---------------------------Use this one or click graphics to the right for options

PRICE-------------------------------$850 To order go to contact us and see order form or contact us direct.